Planning your new kitchen with a Second Nature Specialist

A short video of homeowners sharing their positive experience of designing and planning their new kitchen with a Second Nature specialist retailer.

Why buy from an independent retailer?

Everybody is on the lookout for a good deal at the moment, and it's easy to be seduced by the eye-catching discounts of the big DIY centres. But is a good price the same as a good deal?

And if you overlook your local independent kitchen specialist, what exactly will you miss out on?

Here's what...


Complete peace of mind

If you buy from an independent specialist, he'll manage every aspect of your new kitchen project - including the things you haven't yet thought of.

You'll be more relaxed while they work, and more satisfied when they've finished.

The price for your independent kitchen will include the following:


Independent kitchen companies received five-star ratings for the quality of their products and ease of installation.

In a spring 2013 report by Which? magazine


A kitchen as
unique as you

Independent means choice. Your local independent specialist can choose from thousands of products from hundreds of different manufacturers to create a kitchen as unique as you are.

He isn't trying to sell you whatever his boss tells him, and he isn't restricted to a single manufacturer. Instead, he has the freedom to craft a kitchen that really is tailored to you.


An investment in your home

We've all been wowed by a stunning kitchen, whether at a party or a house viewing. Well-designed kitchens stir strong feelings and make homes more saleable.

A good kitchen, designed &
installed with expert
skill, will make your
house easier to sell.
A well-designed
kitchen is a good


Most people budget £10,000 for a kitchen... you do increase your chance of selling your home

The Independent July 2012


Supporting your local community

If you buy your kitchen from a local independent retailer, more of that money will come back to your local community.

A report from the Centre for Local Economic Strategies showed that for every £1 you spend locally, between 50-70p of that will be reinvested into your local economy. Buy from a national or online retailer and only 5p will make its way back to your community.

Supporting your local kitchen specialist supports your local community.

So how much do independent kitchens cost?

It isn't easy for independent retailers to provide prices online, because each independent kitchen is tailored to the individual.

Prices often start from £8,000, and we've collected over 300 examples of real independent kitchens in real homes with prices.

It might just open your eyes to what you could achieve
with a little bit of independent thinking.

View over 400 Real Kitchens with prices