As our lifestyles get more hectic, so the pressure on our living spaces increases and our kitchens often bear the brunt of this as new storage challenges arise. Here are some of our readers’ problemed areas and ways in which we helped tackle them.


There never seems to be quite enough space to keep everything under control. Our much loved but often out-moded kitchens thow up more questions than solutions: Where to store those handy but cumbersome kitchen gadgets? How do you neatly keep that mountain of plastic storage containers in check? What’s the best way to keep on top of the recycling? How do you stop things dropping into those dark corners?

Here are some of our readers’ problemed areas and ways in which we helped tackle them.

Kitchen Gadgets

Problem “We’ve got a bread maker, a blender, a mixer, a toasty machine, and juicers…the list goes on and on. They clutter up the worktops and storing them is never easy.” Janice, West Yorkshire

Solution:One of our clever corner units will help you store these tricky electricals. A Magic Corner could be the answer to your woes Janice.


Problem:“Every time I open the big drawer, I lose a lid or a plastic bottle down the back. I’m a bit of a tupperware hoarder but there must be a better way to store it” Karima, Glasgow

Solution: We’ve recently introduced some fantastically-practical dividers for deep drawers. A series of stylish boxes can be purchased as packs to keep those tricky tubs in check.


Problem:“My husband is a cleaning fiend and there’s always countless bottles, sponges and cloths spilling out of the cupboard. And the one I need is usually right at the back.” Catherine, Bristol

Solution:One of our base pull-outs could be the solution you’re looking for. Flexible plastic trays keep everything neat, and a simple pull-out mechanism gives you easy access to all of the products.


Problem: “We’re always buying new bags of rice or pasta only to find half-used packets at the back of the shelf. It’s impossible to write a shopping list without a serious rummage!” Danny, Surrey 

Solution: It looks like you need one of our larder units. Our full-height Kesseböhmer larders give you much better visibility of your groceries.